“Fulfilling your Nutritional requirements thus empowering your Body and Mind”

HealthBest has manufactured health care products for over 37 years; a commitment which has been kept and developed over the years into a sound and loyal company. HealthBest has developed an essential product portfolio for balanced nutritional needs and specific women’s needs with intense scientific and technical research. Formulated for support and balance in the human body and its natural processes each of HealthBest product promises maximum efficacy. By keeping at the leading edge of international research on the one hand and also remaining sensitive to specific consumer needs on the other along with Innovation and Commitment as the key we shall unlock HealthBests' success.

HealthBest has dedicated itself to developing technically sound and robust formulations for modern consumer’s lifestyle. We believe in adhering with the latest scientific advancements for effective products, which get fully integrated with Modern Consumer’s Lifestyles. HealthBests' brand portfolio includes some of the most essential and much needed supplements for daily and periodic consumption.

HealthBest guarantees commitment, consistency, dedication and fulfillment of excellence.

In tribute to our former chairman


HealthBest is proud to have had Mr. Rasik Zaverchand Shah as its brain daddy, whose innovation of formulas such as KANIP for daily gastric relief has been the most trusted food supplement since 37 years. He not only developed formulations for specific needs and life stages, but also established our philosophy of developing synergistic formulations while balancing nutrition and needs.

Lastly as per HealthBest philosophy, which was strongly instilled by our founder Mr. Rasik Zaverchand Shah, HealthBest relies on published and reviewed data on its supplement ingredients and also conducts checks on the product formulations themselves.